Where to find answers to your questions about international travel

where to find answers to your questions about international travel

As vaccination rates rise, countries are readjusting their entry rules. To keep up with the changes, travelers can use Sherpa’s color-coded map, which identifies the level of openness and travel restrictions for each country.

To prepare for an April trip to Europe, Sharif El-Mahdi checked the government websites of the United States, his home country and the two destinations on his itinerary. He consulted with his airline, TAP Portugal, and scanned foreign news outlets for information on restrictions and closures. In the days before his departure, he amassed a stack of documents, including coronavirus test results for himself and his young daughter, who needed a nasal swab for Portugal but not Spain. Despite his due diligence, he arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport filled with uncertainty.

“Everything went smoothly, but I wasn’t 100 percent sure I would make it,” said the musician, who owns property in Spain and Portugal. “The rules change on a semiregular basis, and they are sometimes vague.”

The global rollout of vaccinations has emboldened travelers and triggered an avalanche of entry and visitation requirements that vary by country and sometimes by region, province or state…

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