Why A JetBlue Passenger Is Facing A $31,750 Fine

why a jetblue passenger is facing a 31750 fine

Since January, the agency has been cracking down on unruly, disruptive passengers with a zero-tolerance policy.


Earlier this week, the FAA proposed five-figure civil penalties against three passengers for allegedly assaulting or threatening flight attendants or engaging in other physical altercations on flights.

All three cases involve passengers who brought their own alcohol with them and drank it on board, and then became disruptive.

Two of the passengers facing fines were on the same JetBlue flight from Haiti to Boston on January 4, 2021. In the first incident, flight attendants responded to a complaint about a passenger who was drinking alcohol he had brought with him and becoming unruly. According to the FAA statement, the passenger allegedly yelled and waved his hands angrily, and then grabbed two flight attendants by the arms. The incident caused a disruption in the cabin, with crew having to reseat surrounding passengers. When the plane landed, law enforcement officers escorted the passenger off the plane and he faces a fine of $31,750.

In the second incident on the same flight, the passenger was also drinking alcohol he brought on board and acting disruptively, which led to a complaint from a fellow passenger…

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