Why Every Virtual Office Needs A Virtual Assistant

why every virtual office needs a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are helping mobile executives keep their lives and careers organized.


The pandemic didn’t just make offices virtual. It has also made office assistants virtual.

More than half of American employees say they’d prefer to be remote at least three days a week even after the pandemic, according to a recent PWC study. Some of these workers now migrate between rentals in the Sunbelt during the winter and their homes up north in summer. Others have completely untethered, trading in their homes for RVs and total location independence. 

“The pandemic proved that all of the talent doesn’t necessarily have to be in the office,” says Jeff Amon, CEO of The Clear Desk, a company that provides outsourcing services. “In fact, oftentimes it is beneficial to have them out of the office.”

The fix is a new kind of assistant — a virtual assistant (VA) — trained to meet the needs of the nomadic labor force.

But what’s a virtual assistant? How do you use one? How much should you pay for a VA? And how do you find one? More mobile workers than ever are asking themselves those questions, including me. 

A virtual assistant is a freelancer who provides administrative, creative or technical help for clients remotely, usually from a home office…

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