Why the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights wants you to take more vacations

why the founder of scotts cheap flights wants you to take more vacations

Sumary of Why the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights wants you to take more vacations:

  • What started as a hobby in 2013 has now grown into a business called Scott Cheap Flights, which employs nearly 40 people and has more than 2 million subscribers (there a free and a paid option) who are all interested in the same thing:.
  • Keyes personal and professional mission is encouraging people to take more vacations by traveling on the cheap..
  • His hobby turned obsession turned business allows him the pleasure of knowing that cheap flights aren’t going to waste — and people are, indeed, taking more vacations..
  • In 2015, Business Insider published a story about Keyes and his cheap-flight pursuits, and, practically overnight, 5,000 people signed up for the newsletter, prompting the newsletter host service to charge him $50 because he had exceeded the contact limits in the free plan..
  • He had recently met Brian Kidwell, a business-minded ideas kind of guy, who was also working in the travel start-up space..
  • Around that time, Kidwell — who is now CEO, while Keyes has the title of chief flight expert — recalls they were bringing in about $2,000 per month from subscribers..
  • Then, in February 2016, Condé Nast Traveler published an article about the site, and revenue shot up to $21,000..
  • In May of that same year, they launched the website ScottsCheapFlights.com, and the reputation — and business — has been growing ever since..
  • Kidwell says one of the things subscribers appreciate about Scott Cheap Flights is its approachable tone, thanks to Keyes own personality..
  • “I think what separates Scott from a lot of others in the travel space is he knows cheap flights and he sticks to it..
  • Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and monetize through other areas of the travel industry, he knows the flights world, he has a great team and technology stack to scour for those deals, and he delivers on that,”.
  • Among travelers themselves, Keyes and his business — which devotees refer to as SCF — have developed something of a cult following..
  • Before that, she says, she would find an occasional cheap flight from Charleston, but it might have three stops…

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