Why This Tiny Village Is Your Perfect Summer Getaway

why this tiny village is your perfect summer getaway

Tucked away in the Pindari valley in the Kumaon Himalayas, Khati is a small village burrowed in wooded hills.

Otherwise secluded, the village sees activity when people come down for the trek to Pindari glacier.

 Khati witnesses a significant footfall of trekkers on their ways to Pindari, Kafni or Sunderdunga Glaciers. Situated at an elevation of 7250 feet, it is the last village en-route Pindari and Kafni glacier treks.  The route for a trek to Pindari in the Kumaon region begins from Khati village now. A motorable road has been laid until Kharkiya, a nearby village 5 km away from Khati. Until now, Khati was only accessed by tourists heading towards Pindari glacier as a base point.

The village on the banks of the Pindar river comprises about 100 houses situated in the backdrop of terraced fields and snow-clad mountains. These traditional houses with slate roofs were recently painted with murals as part of the Wise Wall project, an initiative to document the rural wisdom of our villages and celebrate it through art murals.The murals are based on the traditional folk art called aipan found in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand…

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