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Winter In Telangana: A Handy Guide To Spend A Travel Spree Time At This Newbie State!

Telangana is that one south Indian state that many still confuse to be part of Andhra Pradesh. Fun fact, it is a state on its own. All that aside, given that it does have a pretty hot and humid summer going on and a pretty warm weather the remaining months, if you wish to visit and explore Telangana, we would suggest that you do so during the winter months when the weather is slightly better and even pleasant enough for you to roam around and explore. For those planning on this and want to explore the beautiful state of Telangana around, we have some amazing insights to share with you that we think will come in handy for you to enjoy winter in Telangana.

Weather In Telangana In Winter

As we mentioned before, it doesn’t get very cold in Telangana, especially in the urban spots around the state. You are still likely going to experience some chills in the remote villages but you are less likely to experience the same in the proper cities like Hyderabad. All that aside, you also need to ensure that you don’t carry a lot of warm clothes because you are not going to need it.

The temperature tends to be between 15 to 25-degree centigrade in the general days and can drop by a few if that particular winter is cold. But, the same is less likely to happen, so pack accordingly as per your needs and the level of cold that you can withstand.

Places To Visit In Telangana In Winter

When it comes to the sightseeing spots around in Telangana, all that they are more or less aware of is the Char Minar. Know for a fact that the state does have several spots around that you can explore and visit while you are there.

If you want to have a planned itinerary, it goes without saying that you do need to know of the popular places around.

1. Hyderabad

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