Would you Rather be Sunbathing on an Island in Greece Than Staying in For a Lockdown?

would you rather be sunbathing on an island in greece than staying in for a lockdown

The folks at Dutch tourism are working on an experiment that we wish our tourism guys would take a page from. It’s a dream for all travel enthusiasts. They’ll take 200 people to Greece for an eight-day holiday.

The aim is to see if tourism is still feasible during the pandemic. 

The selected people would be taken to an island at €399 per person, and that’s all inclusive. 

Since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, there are some challenges – like folks would have to be quarantined in a resort for upto 10 days before returning home.

The Dutch government though has advised everyone to avoid all foreign travel trips, at least till Mid May. 

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Dutch tourism authorities say that the tickets would be given by a tour company Sunweb for people aged between 18-70 years. 

Final choices would be determined on who had registered first.

Only those who test negative would be allowed on the trip. If someone tests positive during their vacation, they would have to quarantine at a hotel there, for which the cost would be covered by the tour company…

Want to know more click here go to source.

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