WTTC Global Summit Focus on Women Empowerment

wttc global summit focus on women empowerment

One of the largest employment generators, the travel and tourism industry, is reeling under the ravages of the pandemic for more than a year now.

In 2019, Travel & Tourism supported 330 million jobs globally. #COVID19 changed everything.

Behind every job in Travel & Tourism, there is a face, a story, a family and sometimes a whole community’s livelihood. Read their stories: https://t.co/fr0FIOLDmH.#ONEin330million pic.twitter.com/kHe66hVi82

Therefore, the World Tourism Council (WTTC), which recently held its Global Summit in Cancun, Mexico, has gone the extra mile to focus on empowering women so that they can take leadership roles as innovators and entrepreneurs.   

At #GSCancun, we launched an initiative to support women in our sector that recognises their contribution worldwide and the importance of an equal, equitable environment to enable them to thrive as leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Read More: https://t.co/VjdEnKv3Ny. pic.twitter.com/LhhrWEZR0f

WTTC launched its Cancun Women’s Declaration at the global meet in the presence of 18 Grand Slam singles title winner, Martina Navratilova while WTTC President & CEO Gloria Guevara unveiled the public-private-academic partnership, which, according to WTTC, is aimed at promoting diversity and drive inclusivity to achieve equality for women throughout the travel and tourism industry…

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