You Can Apply To Work Remotely From Hawaii And Win Free Round-Trip Flights

you can apply to work remotely from hawaii and win free round trip flights

There have been few silver linings to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one of the benefits of many businesses going completely remote for months at a time is that it has freed up many employees to untether geographically from their offices and to work from home…or any variety of other locales. If you have the flexibility to work from anywhere (at least for the time being) and don’t mind dealing with a time difference, Hawaii has just introduced an exciting opportunity to work remotely from the Aloha State for a month. And you could even win free round-trip flights to help you get there.

This could be your chance to relocate to Hawaii, with free flights to get you there.

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Movers & Shakas is a privately and state-supported program with the motto, “Movers & Shakas don’t work from home. They work from paradise.” It is a grassroots program designed to attract professionals in a variety of fields that will diversify Hawaii’s economy (and, presumably, its tax base). With a new pilot program, Movers & Shakas is calling for applications to work remotely from Hawaii for a period of at least a month, and will provide up to 50 free round-trip flights for folks who are accepted. So if your idea of work-life balance is an early-morning surf session followed by conference calls and emails from your breezy lanai before a long afternoon of hiking or beachcombing, this might just be perfect opportunity for you. You won’t even need to use a fake Zoom background for your video meetings since you’ll have the real-life paradise of Hawaii for your backdrop.

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